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HighlightHigh and Low Lights

There are different types of high or low lighting the hair such as: Foil packets and hair painting.

These include techniques such as Ribboned, Balayage, and Ombre.

High or low lights can be done in natural tones or more adventurous colors such as pinks or blues.

Full Head Starts from £54 to £67
Full head Long Hair Starts from £64 to £77
Half Head Starts from £39.50 to £52.50
Half Head Long Hair Starts From £44.50 to £57.50
Partial Lights Starts From £24 to£44
T-Section Starts From £24 to £44

global colourGlobal Colour

Global Colour is one colour all over, it’s that simple.

Whether using a semi permanent colour that will fade over a period of time with washing, or a permanent colour which gives a greater selection of colours to choice and grey coverage.

Full Global Colour Starts From £38 to £57

Re-Growth Colour Starts From £33 to £46

Global Colour with Scattered Highlights Starts From £45 to £58

Fashion Colour

Combing Global Colour with high or low light techniques,or a complete colour change.

A bespoke, unique look created for each individual client.

Price on Consultation

Permanent CurlsPermanent Curls and Waves

Curls or waves can be used to give volume to hair all over, or to specific areas.

They can create different effects from a from root curls or waves fashion look with loose curls placed 3-4 inches from the scalp.

Full Head Permanent Curl Starts From £47 to £59

Extra Conditioning Curl Starts From £57 to £69

Long Hair Curls – Price on Consultation

Artistic Techniques – Price on Consultation, Spiral Curl – Price on Consultation

Relaxing and Straightening

 Relaxing can be used to smooth the hair reducing frizz, but allowing natural curl to stay bouncy and beautiful.

Hair can be straightened to finish with a softness and movement or create a pin straight look.

Semi Permanent Relaxing Starts From £39 to £59

Permanent Straightening Starts From £100 to £300